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21 April 2024
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Why us

RAHMAN SARFARAZ RAHIM IQBAL RAFIQ, CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS [RSRIR] takes you not only where you want to go, but helps you explore new horizons, with prime talent, latest technologies and, in sharing knowledge and developing ideas together as a team, affords you the opportunity to go where you might not have thought you could go!

RSRIR provides a wide range of services to a large number of clients in Pakistan. Clients serviced by RSRIR include public sector corporations, isted entities, private companies, non-profit and charitable entities and financial institutions.

At RSRIR, accountants, tax advisers and experts, lawyers and consultants work closely together, to provide optimum solutions. The knowledge and expertise of the partners and senior staff enables RSRIR to apply quality and professionalism to fulfill client’s needs.

The services provided by RSRIR are governed by its mission and values. Maintenance of quality standards, professionalism and integrity are of prime importance and the same are reflected through the services provided by RSRIR. Remaining within these parameters RSRIR has developed refined, comprehensive and flexible procedures to provide the stakeholders with the maximum benefits through quality. effective and
cost-efficient services.

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Recognizing Change

We recognize the impact of continuous changes in:

● Regulatory environment both nationally and internationally.

● Complexity of the corporate and business structures with transnational transactions.

● Communication and information technology.

● Needs and expectations of the clients and related functionaries.

Our endeavors in recognition of the impact of these changes are to help our clients to meet the new challenges and avail new opportunities, and we continuously strive to exceed the related expectations.

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